Fran Brasseux, Executive Director, ICHRIE



Dear ICHRIE Members,

These are exciting times!  Our ICHRIE Federations are hosting again ICHRIE Regional Conferences, often for the first time in person in almost three years and combined with the International CHRIE 2023 Annual Summer Conference in Phoenix, offering ICHRIE members over 700 research, symposium and iPoster opportunities this year.

I was able to recently attend the ICHRIE SECSA Regional Conference in Orlando, and it was fantastic to meet some of our esteemed members in person for the first time, and to reconnect with members I met from last summer at the 2022 ICHRIE Conference in Washington, DC.

Congratulations and thank you to our WEST Federation, and SECSA for successfully hosting their 2023 Regional Conferences and to NENA and EUROCHRIE and APacChrie for their work on their own upcoming Regional Conferences, and for their support of hospitality educators globally.

Our Director of Conference, Mary Jo Dolasinski, our ICHRIE Director, Amie Grayson and I are actually currently at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge to review all our details for the 2023 ICHRIE Annual Conference in Phoenix on July 19-July 21st, 2023.   The hotel is newly completely renovated, and it is stunning.  We are thinking differently about formats, speakers and programing this year, ensuring we give everyone also a sense of place – ICHRIE, and Phoenix welcomes you and your family to explore the beauty of their desert, their world-renowned canyons, the history of their unique culture, and the culinary surprises from their kitchens!  Register for the ICHRIE Annual Summer Conference and take advantage of the very special ICHRIE room rate of $199.00 plus tax and service, which also includes the current $45 per night per room resort fee. We held the Conference registration rates from last year. CLICK HERE for information on 2023 registration and rates.

Service is something all of us take seriously and a leadership or board role at ICHRIE brings, as many of you know, a lot of work, but also a lot of heartfelt, soul enhancing reward.  We just opened our 2023 ICHRIE Board of Director elections and our candidates are amazing, thanks to the work of our past President, Dr. Joy Dickerson, and the ICHRIE Election Committee. Now it is our responsibility to vote for our choice of Board leadership appointments for Vice President, Secretary, Director of Education, Director of Marketing, Director of Conference and Director of Networking – important roles for ICHRIE growth and advancement.

You may not know, but it surprised me, that many of our members didn’t vote in the last few ICHRIE elections.  I heard the balloting system was cumbersome, and the timing was in the middle of school starts and holidays.  We want you to know that we heard you, and changed that this year with a new election timeline – March 15th to April 28th, 2023, and a new ballot software agreement. We researched and contracted with a new ballot company and the new company will have sent you your voting link and unique password on March 15th.  You now just connect on the link, put in your assigned password, make your choices, and hit submit.    All voting is confidential, completely anonymous and results are validated by former ICHRIE Presidents.  To keep your vote secure, please do not forward it to anyone. 

I celebrate my second-year anniversary as ICHRIE Executive Director in June, and our ICHRIE President, Dr. Ralf Burbach, the ICHRIE Board of Directors, and our ICHRIE staff have worked hard to advance ICHRIE with your help and support.  We have made many operational changes, added new staff, new processes, and systems. As well as, opened new social media marketing, expanded our honor society Eta Sigma Delta with the amazing ESD Board of Governors, grown membership from 500 members in 2021 to today’s 2400 members, and launched a new ICHRIE Industry Advisory Council to help industry and academia collaboration.

I am proud of what we have achieved and thank you and all our volunteer leaders globally, as well as, our ICHRIE staff for all their work, knowledge and leadership.

ICHRIE Advancing depends on the contributions and engagement of everyone.  Hospitality education is critical to our industry, and we plan to introduce new teaching tools, and new educational support for the classrooms as part of work this year with your engagement and support.


Fran Brasseux

Executive Director



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