CHRIE FutureFund™ Committee

Chaired by an ICHRIE member and appointed by the President, The CHRIE FutureFund™ Committee is responsible for raising monies for the CHRIE FutureFund™—an endowment fund of ICHRIE. Donations to the fund are critical for the development of ICHRIE - it's an investment in your future.


Misty M. Johanson
DePaul University
[email protected]
Carl Winston
San Diego State University
[email protected]


Committee Members

Frederic H. Mayo

Nancy Scanlon

Agnes DeFranco

Barry McCool

Robert H. Bosselman

Godwin-Charles Ogbeide

Rosalinda Hoops

Mokie Steiskal

Stephanie Bae

William Terry Umbreit

Kimberley Susbauer

Douglas E. Adair

Amie Grayson


Gold Premium Members




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