We are excited to congratulate the following schools had ESD Honor Society Induction Ceremonies in April 2024: 

     University of Macau – Dr. Lawerence Fong, Advisor NEW CHAPTER!!

     South Dakota State University – Dr. Kunsoon Park, Advisor 
     Michigan State University – Dr. MiRan Kim, Advisor 
     Missouri State University – Dr. Yoshimasa “Nancy” Kageyama, Advisor 
     Husson University – Dr. Lee Speronis, Advisor 
     The Culinary Institute of America – Dr. Amelia Asperin, Advisor 
     University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Dr. George Ojie-Ahamiogie, Advisor 
     Indiana University of Pennsylvania – Dr. Nicole Buse, Advisor 
     Pennsylvania State University – Mitch Lawson, Advisor 
     Fairleigh Dickinson University – Anthony Minick, Advisor 
     Stockton University – Dr. Donna Albano, Advisor (ESD Interim BOG Chair) 
     Northampton Community College – Dr. David Schweiger, Advisor 
     University of New Hampshire – Dr. Hanna Lee, Advisor 
     Florida International University – Dr. Fang Shu, Advisor 
     Florida State University – Dr. Tarik Dogru, Advisor 
     North Carolina Central University – Dr. LaChelle Wilborn 
     Troy University – Dr. Heather Lewis, Advisor 
     East Carolina University – Dr. Cynthia Deale O’Halloran, Advisor 
     Bethune Cookman University – Dr. Andrea White-McNeil, Advisor 
     University of North Carolina at Greensboro – Mike Sloan, Advisor 
     Coastal Carolina University – Dr. Sun-Hwa (Sunny) Kim, Advisor 
     University of Memphis – Tim Flohr, Advisor (ESD BOG Immediate Past Chair) 
     University of Central Florida – Dr. Kevin Murphy, Advisor 
     Lynn University – Dr. Karima Lanfranco, Advisor NEW CHAPTER!! 
     University of North Texas – Dr. Han Wen, Advisor 
     University of Nevada, Las Vegas – Dr. Zihui Ma, Advisor 
     Stephen F. Austin State University – Dr. Mary Olle, Advisor 

We are excited to congratulate the following schools have ESD Honor Society Induction Ceremonies planned in May, June and September 2024: 


    The Chinese University of Hong Kong – Jenny Tian, Advisor 

     Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland, Alessia Moretti, Advisor 

     Glion Institute of Higher Education – Linda Baggio, Advisor 
      Salve Regina University – Dr. Missy A. Varao, Advisor NEW CHAPTER!!   
      Virginia Tech – Dr. Dr. Shaniel Bernard Simpson, Advisor 
      West Virginia University – Dr. AJ Aluri, Advisor 
     Georgia State University – Dr. Debra Cannon, Advisor

We also wanted to thank those chapters that held their induction ceremonies earlier this year... 

    University of the Philippines – Dr. Lilibeth Baylosis, Advisor 
      University of Missouri, Columbia – Dr. Pei Liu, Advisor 
      Fort Hays State University – Dr. Stacy Smith, Advisor 
      Rochester Institute of Technology Croatia – Dr. Melina Kunzin, Advisor 
      Les Roches Marbella – Dr. Gilda Peyregne, Advisor 
      East Stroudsburg University – Dr. Li-Ming Chiang, Advisor 
      César Ritz Colleges Switzerland – Alessia Moretti, Advisor 
     James Madison University – Dr. Pam Li, Advisor 
     Widener University, – Dr. Jeff Lolli, Advisor 
     Wor-Wic Community College – Dr. Jaesik Yung, Advisor 
      Grayson College – Dr. Rusty Weatherly, Advisor 
      University of Georgia – Leta Salazar 
      College of Charleston – Dr. Brumby McLeod, Advisor, NEW CHAPTER!!  
      University of Alabama – Dr. Kim Boyle, Advisor 
      University of Florida, – Dr. Yao-Chin Wang 
      Washington State University – Dr. Cai Ruiying, Advisor

If you haven’t scheduled your Spring 2024 Induction ceremony – complete your ESD Induction Ceremony form today! 


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