Once you have started your chapter and fulfilled all the requested steps. You are ready to induct eligible students in ESD.

Steps to apply for ESD Student Membership:

  • ESD Advisor fills out the ADVISOR INDUCTION FORM (new for January 2022) to start to process of the ceremony induction through the ICHRIE office. 
    The form will require the advisor's name, institution, ceremony date, whether the students will be responsible for payment of their own materials or if the institution will be submitting payment, as well as the names and emails of all eligible students to be inducted.
    *Submission of this form by the advisor will be deemed as agreement that all students have met the requirements to be inducted.

  • Once the Advisor Induction Form is completed and submitted to the ICHRIE office, the students will use the STUDENT INDUCTION FORM (coming January 2022) to submit their membership information and pay their one time induction fee of US$35.
    * If there is an honorary member to be inducted, the ESD advisor submit the information through the Student Induction Form. 

  • With successfully submitted ceremony and student induction forms, inductees will receive a personalized certificate, a gold honor cord, and an Eta Sigma Delta lapel pin. Additionally, students will automatically be student members of International CHRIE for the duration of their undergraduate study at the institution where they were inducted.

To learn more about the process, check out this Town Hall presentation.

To ensure accurate and timely delivery of certificates, honor cords and pins, all applications for student and honorary inductees, please follow the suggested timeline for a total of 5 weeks processing:

  • Submit Faculty Advisor Form - Day 1
  • Allow for Students to pay their induction fees - 2 weeks 
  • Processing of materials, shipment and delivery - 3 weeks


 Student Application



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