Creative Teaching Lab at the FIU Sponsored Hospitality Experience


The Creative Teaching Lab originated at EuroCHRIE Conference in Aalborg 2021 as the Lecturers Lounge—will focus on the professional development of teaching track faculty (teaching professors, lecturers, instructors). The workshop fills a crucial need as many departments have limited experience in how to mentor, evaluate, and promote new ways of teaching and learning suited for new generations of students.

The Creative Teaching Lab will offer sessions where teaching professors, lecturers and instructors can present, share and discuss different learning/teaching techniques and pedagogical perspectives to 21st century teaching in hospitality and tourism. The intention of the Creative Teaching Lab is to discuss, reflect and learn new perspectives on teaching and learning in hospitality/tourism education. 

FIU Hospitality Experience

2024 Call for Submissions

Submissions closed.

Thank you for your submissions! See you in Montreal!!!

All active teaching delegates are encouraged to participate with a 500-word paper. In this paper, pitch an idea for new innovative ways of teaching. Submissions can, for example, describe, define and discuss personal approaches (and/or your institution’s approach) to teaching and learning. Be sure to include a descriptive title and the names of additional presenters you might have in the submission. Furthermore, faculty are encouraged to go global and cross Federations and Countries to find teaching innovations. 

Examples of themes for the Creative Teaching Lab:  

  • Curriculum development  

  • Teaching methods 

  • Pedagogical perspectives  

  • Teaching practices (incl. specific cases)  

  • Teaching strategies  

  • Involvement of industry stakeholders in courses 

  • Experimental teaching  

  • Link between research and teaching  

  • Promotion of teaching methods to students  

  • Student lead teaching and learning

Important Information:

  • Submit by 7 JUNE 2024 to Easy Chair via the Submission Link.

  • Submissions will be reviewed by a Creative Teaching work group. 


Gold Premium Members

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