We are extremely grateful for your support of International CHRIE and the 2024 ICHRIE Global Conference. We look forward to gathering in Montreal to celebrate innovative pathways to education, research, sustainability, and teaching.

We want to offer you a special opportunity to serve as a Moderator for a Paper Presentation at this year’s summer conference!

Serving as a moderator is an excellent opportunity to get involved, to meet presenters, to make new connections, and to help facilitate the effective functioning of the entire conference. Faculty and graduate students are encouraged to get involved and represent their university! Click the button below for additional information and the link to sign up!!




Electronic Poster Format and Presentation Day Information

Paper, poster and symposium decision have been sent out.
For posters, presentations will be done in electronic format only for the 2024 ICHRIE Global Conference.


PowerPoint Slide or Video:

  • All PowerPoint or videos should be done in a 16:9 video aspect ratio.
  • How do I tell if I have formatted videos in a 16:9 video aspect?

On a Windows PC, right-click the video file and select “Properties,” then click on the “Details” tab. This will tell you the video and audio codec, file format, and more.

On a Mac device, right-click your video file and select “Get Info,” then navigate to “More Info.” This will show you the file type, codecs, and more. FYI - 1920x1080 is a resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio.

What do I bring?

Please bring one of the following to the conference for your Poster Presentation:

  • Laptop:
    • PC
    • MAC
      • An HDMI cable will be provided but those who have a MAC, we suggest they bring their adaptors. 

        For those who don’t have an HDMI connector on your laptop, please bring an adaptor.


International CHRIE is excited to announce that submissions will be accepted soon for the 2024 ICHRIE Global Conference in Montreal, Quebec, Canada!


Deadline to submit your papers, posters and symposiums will be 28th January 2024.

Call for Papers

Call for Posters

Call for Symposium

Curious about what's happening at the conference? 



Gold Premium Members

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