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Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to announce the launch of the 13th edition of the CHRIE FutureFund™ Johnson & Wales University Hospitality & Tourism Case Study Competition and to cordially invite you to submit your case studies for the 2023 CHRIE FutureFund™ Johnson & Wales University Hospitality & Tourism Case Study Competition & Publications Series.

The CHRIE FutureFund™ Johnson & Wales University Case Study Competition and Publication Series has been running with great success during the last nine years with the publication of 10 volumes (consisting of 4 issues each volume) of the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Cases (JHTC). Participating in the Case Study Competition provides contributors with recognition via the submission of high-quality case studies and awards to the winners. The quality level of the submitted case studies continues to improve, resulting in healthy but friendly competition. ICHRIE significantly contributes to academia by enriching material available to educators and used to enhance class interaction and instruction methods.

Worthy case studies submitted to the competition are peer-reviewed and considered for publication in the ICHRIE electronic journal titled "Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Cases". This e-journal is an ICHRIE publication that aims to fill in the publication gap for case studies in tourism and hospitality. 

All case studies submitted to the CHRIE FutureFund™ Johnson & Wales University Case Study Competition are submitted to a double-blind review process with three reviewers. The three most highly evaluated and commented case studies will receive prestigious (financial and material) prizes as well as public recognition and promotion in the annual ICHRIE conference and other promotional material.

  1. First Prize is US$1000;
  2. Second Prize, US$750;
  3. Third Prize, US$500.
The case studies may focus on any topic and subject area related to the tourism & hospitality education and industry. Case studies may be compiled from field research, published sources and/or generalized experience. Case studies do not have to follow a specific structure. However, each case study is expected to include sections related to the following topics:
  • background of the subject organization and/or of the topic
  • an analysis of the dilemma and/or the teaching/research objective
  • a section explaining the questions and dilemmas of the case study
  • related bibliography and additional reading

The case studies must be of maximum 5,000 words excluding figures, tables, annexes and bibliography. Each case study submission must be accompanied by a teaching note for which there is no world limit (although a teaching note of a minimum of 1,000 words is expected). The case studies and the teaching note will be evaluated against three criteria: quality of the content; theoretical underpinnings; and case presentation. Case studies must adhere and follow the submission guidelines of case study writing.

The deadline for submitting case studies to the 2023 CHRIE FutureFund™ Johnson & Wales University Case Study Competition is 15 May 2023 at 11:59 PM (PST).

Submission link:

If you require further information and/or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. This is your opportunity to contribute to tourism & hospitality education, as well as publish and be rewarded for your efforts. We look forward to receiving your case studies and thank you in advance for your valuable support to this great initiative. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information and/or assistance.

Best regards,
H.G. Parsa, Ph.D. - [email protected]
Henri Kuokkanen, Ph.D. - [email protected]

Eric Olson, Ph.D. - eolson23

Co-Chairs, CHRIE FutureFund™ Johnson & Wales University Case Study Competition
Co-Editors, Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Cases


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