CHRIE FutureFund™ Sponsors Dissertation Proposal Competition

Last summer the CHRIE FutureFund sponsored the Inaugural Dissertation Competition. There were five winners, representing five different doctoral programs in hospitality and tourism. The 2024 CHRIE FutureFund Dissertation Proposal Competition is open to all doctoral students who are at the proposal stage of their doctoral program.  The CHRIE FutureFund is pleased to sponsor this Dissertation Proposal Competition as it fits the mission of the CHRIE FutureFund in that future faculty are being supported.

The five winners from last year (2023) were:

  • Rachel Yueqian Zhang from Purdue University (Restaurant demand seasonality: Measurement, drivers, and external shocks)
  • Hamzeh Hammadeen from Auburn University (Leveraging the distinct competencies of highly skilled immigrant employees in hotels)
  • Wenfang Liu from University of Houston (An exploration on ghost kitchen business model: Kitchen rental firms and entrepreneurs' investment motivation)
  • Swechchha Subedi from University of South Carolina (Conceptualization of governance in H&T and the role of trust)
  • Nan Xue from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (The paradoxical relationship between minimalism and tourists’ pro-environmental choices)

These winners represent a broad spectrum of the research conducted in hospitality and tourism. Likely this year there will be applicants from many different hospitality and tourism programs across the globe. The 2023 winners include students from many parts of the world and ideally, we would like to see every ICHRIE Federation be a part of the competition. There are outstanding doctoral programs in all ICHRIE Federations as evidenced by the published research in journals such as the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Cases (JHTC), Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education (JHTE), Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research (JHTR), and ICHRIE Research Reports.

Your CHRIE FutureFund is all about supporting the future of our field. We look forward to the 2024 Dissertation Proposal Competition and to the 2024 ICHRIE Global Conference in Montreal this coming July. We encourage all hospitality and tourism doctoral program faculty and students to participate in the 2024 CHRIE FutureFund™ Dissertation Proposal Competition, and to join us in Montreal this summer. 

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